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Urumqi sets sights on Shenzhen smart terminal industry
2018-11-08 source:Chinadaily
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The Urumqi Shenzhen Investment Promotion Conference was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong province on Oct 26, attracting the participation of more than 400 enterprises.

The Urumqi Shenzhen Investment Promotion Conference is held in Shenzhen Guangdong province on Oct 26. [Photo/urumqi.gov.cn]

At the conference, Urumqi signed strategic cooperation agreements with Shenzhen Amer International Group, Shenzhen Enterprise Confederation and Shenzhen Mobile Communications Association.

The signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation agreement between Urumqi and Shenzhen Amer International Group. [Photo/urumqi.gov.cn]

The conference opened up new opportunities for Urumqi to cooperation with the Shenzhen smart terminal industry and helped Urumqi make new breakthroughs in its intelligent terminal industry.