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  • Toutunhe students create 120m calligraphy work
    2018-02-28    source:Chinadaily    author:

    To celebrate the 19th Session of the National Congress of the CPC, a 120-meter long one-meter wide calligraphy work was exhibited at the Urumqi Experimental School in Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone on Sept 26.

    The work was completed by more than 50 teachers and students ranging from junior school freshmen to high school. Three major script forms of Chinese calligraphy–running script, regular script, and cursive–were included in the work.

    Zhu Haiying, an art teacher at the school, said, "Nowadays Xinjiang pays more attention to the education of traditional cultures. Professional calligraphy education has been popularized among local primary and junior school students to promote Chinese culture."

    "The event aims to teach students about the long tradition of Chinese culture and promote their understanding of it," said Zhang Bin, head of the Urumqi Experimental School.

    A group of students focus on writing with brushes to celebrate the 19th Session of the National Congress of the CPC. [Photo/]