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  • President Xi urges "decisive actions" against terrorism after Xinjiang blast
    2014-05-07    source:Xinhua    author:
    BEIJING, April 30 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged "decisive actions" against violent terrorist attacks, after the blast at a railway station in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

    "The battle to combat violence and terrorism will not allow even a moment of slackness, and decisive actions must be taken to resolutely suppress the terrorists' rampant momentum," Xi said.

    Three people were confirmed dead and 79 others were injured, including four seriously injured, in the terrorist attack at a railway station in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang on Wednesday evening.

    Xi demanded profound awareness of the Xinjiang separatist forces and noted that the anti-separatism battle in Xinjiang is long-term, complicated and acute.

    Also, Xi has ordered all-out efforts of local authorities to rescue and treat the injured as well as prompt investigation to solve the case and punish the criminals.

    The social stability should be properly ensured, Xi said, adding that measures should be taken to safeguard the security of people of all ethnic groups and the order of their normal life and work.

    The investigation of the case is currently underway.