Tingzhou on the Silk Road - An Overview of Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture

Changji Prefecture has a long history, which is historically called "Tingzhou". As early as in Neolithic Period, there were hominids hunting along Mulei River. 3,000 -4,000 years from now, there were human beings living in the territory. In 60 BC, the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-25 AD) set up the Protectorate of the Western Regions (presently Jimsar County of Changji Prefecture); in the 14th year of Zhenguan of the Tang Dynasty (640 AD), Emperor Taizong of Tang set up "Tingzhou" in Jimsar County, then the vital town in the west territory; in 702 AD, Wu Zetian set up Protectorate Belting in ruling the broad area north and west of Tianshan to the east and north of Caspian Sea. In the 10th year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu (1884), Xinjiang was set as a province and counties within the territory were administrated by Dihua Prefecture. In 1949, after PRC was founded, Changji Hui Autonomous Region was set up on July 15, 1954, which was changed into Changji Hui Autonomous Pref...

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